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RBTL Presents Backward by Andrew Grey Blog Tour Info & Rafflecopter

Title: Backward

Author: Andrew Grey

Series: Bronco Boy’s #3

Genre:  M/M Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Release Date: Feb 2015

Edition/Formats Available In: eBook & Print

Club owner Harry Klinger has had his eye on Tristan Martin for months, but never had the nerve to approach him. He’s watched as Tristan dated Eddie and then reluctantly sat on the sidelines during the emotional breakup when Tristan discovered Eddie was dealing drugs. Now that Tristan seems to be healing, Harry hopes to get his chance.
When Eddie sends his men into Harry’s club to harass Tristan, Harry steps in to help. Tristan is reluctant at first since he admittedly has terrible taste in men, but Harry seems genuine, and Tristan can’t help but think Harry’s sexy as well and begins to hope for happiness for both of them.
Unfortunately, Eddie isn't behaving rationally, sampling too much of his own product. With his determination to take Tristan back, it’ll take more than Harry’s help to keep Tristan safe as Eddie ratchets up his attempts to get what he wants.


I was given a copy of Backward to review in exchange for my honest opinion.  A few months ago I was introduced to Andrew Grey's writing and loved it.  Backward did not disappoint me.  I enjoyed it.  Tristan is our damsel in distress to put it lightly.  He isn't too whiny but does have a strange fear of cats which caused me to chuckle while reading.   Harry is the knight in shinning armor that goes to Tristan's rescue.  Harry rushes in to help Tristan when he needs it.  This is after watching him from afar and thinking he wasn't good enough so to say.  When Tristan's ex decides to stir up some trouble Harry is there to help.

Both men have had horrible experiences with past relationships.  

Although, Tristan is more of the damsel he does step up when there is  a problem.  He has his moments and Harry loves him.  The two men are perfect for each other.  I love the family bond that the men of this series have formed.  This series shows true bonds and friendships.  

This book is part of a series.  I can't wait to read the rest of the series especially to learn more about Spook.  Spook is an unusual but amazing man.  

If you are looking for a good quick read this is it.  

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“Yeah,” Zach said. He sprung off his stool and went over to Tristan. “You aren't ruining anything. I only came over because I saw he was bad news and figured I’d help get you out of there.” Zach took Tristan by the hand and tugged him back around the table to his seat. “There’s nothing to worry about.” Zach waited until Tristan sat back on his stool before going to stand next to Bull and putting an arm around his waist. At least he tried. Bull was built like his namesake, and Zach’s arm was only so long. If Harry had to guess when he saw Bull startle just a little, Zach had most likely slipped his hand into Bull’s back pocket and was copping a good feel. “Bull and Harry saw what was happening and handled it. I doubt they’ll be back.” Zach looked up at Bull with a mixture of love and wonderment. That look said it all, and it pulled a smile from Bull.
Harry wanted what they had so damn bad his chest ached like someone had reached in and ripped out his heart. Well, if he were truthful, someone had once done just that. But he pushed those feelings away. They were useless right now, and he was at the club—keeping his mind on the job was what was important right now. “You don’t know these guys.”
“You know all you have to do is signal Bull, me, or any one of the bouncers, and we’ll take care of anything threatening,” Harry said.
“See?” Zach said with a smile and then stepped away from Bull. “I need to finish my drink, and then you and I are going to light his place up.” The energy from those few words was enough to light the club for a month.
“I don’t know if I’m up for it anymore,” Tristan said.
“Sure you are,” Zach countered. “It’s exactly what you need, and you know it.”
“I’ll go get another round—it’s my turn—and then we can all dance,” Kevin volunteered and began threading his way across the floor. Harry watched as Kevin was waylaid by a group of guys. They opened their little dance pod, and Kevin slipped right in, grinding against one and then the other of the men, obviously having the time of his life. Harry liked how Kevin threw himself into everything he did. Maybe he threw himself into things a little too much for Harry’s liking, especially guys. Kevin was into men, lots of them… and having a good time. Harry knew there was nothing wrong with that. He’d done that at one time in his life, but he wasn't interested in that now. What he wanted more than anything was the man who stared broodingly at his now empty glass.
“Everything is going to be fine,” Zach said to Tristan.
Bull said something Harry didn't catch, but from the way he headed toward the front door, Harry knew he was in full “head of security” mode once again. Harry told the guys to have fun and worked his way around the edge of the writhing dance floor to the bar.
“How are things going?” Harry asked Rodney, one of the bartenders. Rodney always had a ready smile for him. Harry knew the hot guy had a thing for him. In fact, he and Rodney had gone home together once, after a particularly long night. It had just been the one time, and while Rodney was sex on wheels with the way he looked in his skintight black T-shirt with the sleeves cut off to accentuate his cannonball shoulders, and had to beat the guys off on a nightly basis, there hadn't been anything between them other than sex. Harry was also keenly aware of the dangers of becoming involved with someone he worked with, so he’d backed off as carefully as he could.
“Business is good,” Rodney said in his James Earl Jones voice. That alone got almost as many guys as his looks. Harry had seen guys go breathless when Rodney spoke to them. “We’re going to need more of the orange vodka.” He didn't stop working as he talked, hands continuing to mix drinks.
“There’s some more in the back.” Harry paused. “Wasn't the bar stocked properly?”
“It was, but there’s been a run on the stuff. Don’t know why.” Rodney continued working, and Harry stepped back from the bar. He saw Chris, one of the bouncers, and asked him if he’d bring a few bottles out from the back. He nodded and hurried to do what Harry asked. Harry left the club floor, and as soon as the door closed behind him, shutting out most of the music, he leaned against the wall in the hallway, taking a deep breath, letting his ears adjust to the noise level.
“You okay?” Chris asked as he hurried past with a bottle of orange vodka in each hand.
“I’m good,” Harry said, forcing a smile. He pushed away from the wall and walked into the office, then closed the door. The beat of the music permeated this far, but that was all. He sat down with a sigh and glanced up at the security monitors that lined the wall in front of him. He scanned the screens, looking for anything out of the ordinary. He didn't see anything and forced his attention on the mountain of work that waited for him.
His brain refused to settle, and Harry once again looked at the camera monitors. This time movement caught his eye. He used his keyboard to zoom in, and his breath caught. The guys were dancing. That in itself wasn’t unusual. What had caught his attention was Tristan and the way he seemed to have let go. He threw his entire body into the dance, gracefully moving from one step to the other. Harry wanted to hear what Tristan was dancing to and turned up the volume on the computer, tuning it to the club music system. Instantly Harry was transported and wished he was on the floor, that Tristan was dancing like that for him. Harry was mesmerized. He leaned forward, elbows on the desk, staring at the screen. He’d seen Tristan dance before, but there was something different in the way he moved tonight. Maybe he was working out his frustrations? Whatever it was, Tristan was stunning, and not just to Harry. The other guys on the floor were definitely taking notice. Harry watched as guy after guy moved into Tristan’s sphere of influence.
Tristan danced with the guys but didn't show a particular interest in any of them. Zach moved into view, dancing with Tristan, and Tristan’s movements became even more fluid and relaxed.
“Harry,” Bull said from the doorway. “Something wrong?”
Harry snapped his attention away from the screen and turned down the volume, embarrassed that he’d been so engrossed in watching Tristan that he’d ignored everything. He hadn't even heard Bull come in.
“No,” he answered too quickly. He saw Bull shift his gaze to the monitors, and instantly he felt like some lecherous voyeur with Tristan still front and center on the uppermost monitor.
Bull shook his head. “You need to stop mooning over that kid and do something about it. You’ll go home with some nameless kid at the end of the night because you don’t want to be alone, but you won’t talk to the guy you've been interested in for months.” Bull shook his bald head.

Author Information

Andrew grew up in western Michigan with a father who loved to tell stories and a mother who loved to read them. Since then he has lived throughout the country and traveled throughout the world. He has a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and works in information systems for a large corporation.

Andrew’s hobbies include collecting antiques, gardening, and leaving his dirty dishes anywhere but in the sink (particularly when writing)  He considers himself blessed with an accepting family, fantastic friends, and the world’s most supportive and loving partner. Andrew currently lives in beautiful, historic Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

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Facebook Group All the Way with Andrew Grey

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RBTL Presents Low Midnight by Carrie Vaughn Blog Tour & Rafflecopter

Title: Low Midnight

Author: Carrie Vaughn

Series: Kitty Norville Series (#13)

Genre: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Tor – Forge (Imprint of Macmillan)

Release Date: Dec 30 2014

Edition/Formats It Will Be Available In: eBook & Print (Mass Market)


Cormac, the Kitty Norville series' most popular supporting character, stars in his first solo adventure.
Carrie Vaughn's Low Midnight spins out of the series on the wave of popularity surrounding Kitty’s most popular supporting character, Cormac Bennett, a two-minded assassin of the paranormal who specializes in killing lycanthropes. In his first solo adventure, Cormac, struggling with a foreign consciousness trapped inside him, investigates a century-old crime in a Colorado mining town which could be the key to translating a mysterious coded diary…a tome with secrets that could shatter Kitty’s world and all who inhabit it. With a framing sequence that features Kitty Norville herself, Low Midnight not only pushes the Kitty saga forward, but also illuminates Cormac’s past and lays the groundwork for Kitty's future.


I received a copy of this book for my honest opinion..  This is a book in the Kitty Norville series.  Although, it is part of a series it can also be read as a stand alone.  This is my first book in the Kitty Norville series and it could be a little confusing at times. It is a good book for it being a stand alone in a series but I feel that I would have understood the characters a lot more if I would have read the rest of the series.   It is quite an interesting read and is very well written.  I plan on starting the series from book one soon.  I do recommend this to read.  I loved the paranormal aspect of the book.  It's not every day I read a book with the main character having another person trapped inside of him.  

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Author Information

In addition to being the New York Times bestselling author of the Kitty Norville books, CARRIE VAUGHN is also the author of the standalone novels After the Golden Age, Dreams of the Golden Age, and Discord’s Apple, and the young adult books Voice of Dragons and Steel. Visit her online at

Author Links

Facebook Page ~ Kitty Norville
Website Carrie Vaughn’s Virtual Playground

Author’s Other Works

Kitty Norville Series

Kitty Saves the World #14 Coming 2015
Kitty’s Greatest Hits(Short Story Collection)

Stand Alones

Straying from the Path (Short Story Collection)

Golden Age


Dark and Stormy Nights(Kitty Norville Short)
Hex Appeal(Kitty Norville Short)
Running with the Pack (Kitty Norville Short)
Wolfsbane and Mistletoe(Kitty Norville Short)

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RBTL Presents Craving Talon by Zoey Derrick Cover Reveal

Title: Craving Talon
Author: Zoey Derrick
Series: 69 Bottles
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic, LGTB, M/M/F, M/F/M, M/F, F/M , M/M
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date:  Feb 17 2015
Edition/Formats Available In: eBook & Print 
The story picks up as 69 Bottles continues their tour, riding a surge of success thanks to an impromptu duet between Talon and Addison. 
It’s a crazy turn of life for Addison Beltrand, who’s always lived to work and worked to live. Now, everything is shifted upside down—and that’s not a bad thing. Stepping on the 69 Bottles tour bus has banished the heartache of her past, and feels like a rocking new beginning. 
Talon Carver and Kyle Black couldn’t agree more. The band’s lead singer and manager are falling hard for the beautiful rock chick, and will do anything to keep her in their bed—and between their bodies—forever.
The trio’s blissful bubble is popped by a danger nobody has anticipated. The band’s security team, always watchful for fan attacks on the members, isn’t prepared for what happens to Addison during this leg of the tour. Will Kyle and Talon be able to help save Addison? Or will her fear force her to pack her bags and return to LA?

Everything hinges on her decision…
Two men. One woman. A rock band. A tour bus. One Wild Ride… 

Best Selling Author Zoey Derrick comes from Glendale, Arizona. She was once a mortgage underwriter by day and is now a paranormal, romance and erotica novelist full-time. She writes stories as hot as the desert sun itself. It is this passion that drips off of her work, bringing excitement to anyone who enjoys a good and sensual love story.

Not only does she aim to take her readers on an erotic dance that lasts the night, it allows her to empty her mind of stories we all wish were true.
 Her stories are hopeful yet true to life, skillfully avoiding melodrama and the unrealistic, bringing her gripping Erotica only closer to the heart of those that dare dipping into it. 

The intimacy of her fantasies that she shares with her readers is thrilling and encouraging, climactic yet full of suspense. She is a loving mistress, up for anything, of which any reader is doomed to return to again and again.

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Places to find Craving Talon 

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RBTL Presents At the Edge by Angie Skelhorn Blog Tour

 Title: At the Edge

Author: Angie Skelhorn

Series: Stand Alone

Genre: New Adult/Paranormal

Publisher: Eternal Press

Release Date: Oct 1 2014

Edition/Formats Available In: eBook & Print



There is support from the unseen to guide our lives on Earth.

Carm, a wholesome farm girl, marries her first love and then abandons everything she knows. After six weeks of marriage, a devastating storm kills her husband, widowing her. In a strange city, torn by her loss—young, scared, and with no resources she lives a life she wasn't ready for. Her emotions fall extremely low. To make it comfortable to live in her own skin, she self-medicates with drugs and alcohol. She is pushed to the edge as her relationships become tremulous.

Haunted by her deceased husband and introduced to a witch, Gretchen, she sees past the darkness. Carm discovers, with the aid of witchcraft, how to accept the past, celebrate the present, and anticipate the future.

There is so much to say about this book.  Angie Skelhorn awakened so many emotions in me with this book.  I loved the story.  I started this while trying to relax.  BIG mistake.  I was too anxious to see how things worked out for Carm.  My anxiety for Carm and all that this woman has endured was through the roof.  I hated the author, I loved the author.  Neither of these were bad.  She had invoked such strong emotions with me through this book.  I cried, I chuckled, I was mad, I cried.  So Angie if you by chance read this I loved to hate you.  Just kidding....  The feelings with this story was so strong.  I loved this book!  The life events in this can happen to anyone of us at anytime. 

Carm experience such tremendous heart ache through out this story.  I fell in love with her character like I was her own real life sister or friend.  I felt her sorrow, her nothingness, her despair.  I wanted to bash people on the head.  She met some amazing people that she needed to meet at that point and time in her life.  This story goes with the saying that everything happens for a reason.  Anything can change in a blink of an eye.  It's what we choose to do that makes or breaks us.

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     Carm sat in silence, focusing on what Gretchen had to say.

     “Don’t get stuck in that which weighs you down. Be resourceful. You can tackle what it is that bothers you by making a choice. I feel quite sure you know the answer to your problems. It’s just that you don’t like the solution,” she said, looking at Carm.

    Carm looked at the ground, shuffling her feet in the dirty melting snow, listening.

    “Right now, you are confused with alternative choices, or you hope there is another solution you haven’t thought of. Rather than dwell on your problem, make a decision, stick to it, and move forward.”

    “It’s as simple as all that.” Carm smirked.

     “The solution can be if you want it to be,” Gretchen said with a serious expression. “Once you realize that a change is needed, all one can do is make a choice. Life is what you make it. Choices lead you to where you are from, where you are now, and to where you are headed.”

     Carm pushed a strand of hair from her eyes. ”I have few choices,” she replied in a low voice.

     “Going home would transform your situation. The move might help put your life back in order. I’m sure your family is worried…helpless not knowing where you are or how to find you. Make contact, Carm. I’m sure they want to hear from you.”

     “I don’t want to return.” She sighed, looking at the snow nestling on the branches stripped of leaves, the colored lights, holly, and other Christmas decorations on the storefronts and lamp posts. “I’m here now, and my husband is gone.”


     Gretchen shook her head. “All we have is a brief moment in time with the people we love. The loss of friends, lovers, and family is a part of life. No matter how often you felt you were ready to give up in the past, you managed to move forward. The choices you make now will decide your future. You have youth on your side. You have the time to make the changes that will shape your life for the better.”

     Carm looked around the park. People passed by and glanced at Gretchen’s winter Gothic wear. The black cape, red satin lining, pointy black boots, and teased hair attracted attention. Carm inhaled a lungful of smoke, turning toward Gretchen. She pressed her leather-gloved fingertips into her temple, staring forward in a profound, trance-like condition. Her next words startled Carm.

     “Your husband died quickly. His death came unexpectedly. One minute, he was here. The next, he was gone.”

     Carm coughed, choking on the smoke she had inhaled. Her eyes widened. Gretchen continued to intercept the information.


Author Information

My name is Angie Skelhorn.  I am the fifth child born into a farming family located south of Peterborough, ON. Canada.

My interests include tarot, and other forms of divination, astrology, spirituality, mythology and harness racing. I gear my writing toward Witchcraft and Spiritualism. I've been published in Circle Sanctuary Magazine and online at Witchvox, Witches and Pagans and Global Goddess.  My paranormal, magic and realism book Severed Ties - Publisher, Damnation Books- book launched December 2012.

 I'm delighted to announce my contemporary women's fiction book At the Edge is published by Eternal Press.

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RBTL Presents Choice Matters by Jamie Salisbury Blog Tour

 Title: Choice Matters

Author: Jamie Salisbury

Series: Southern Heat (Book #1)

Genre: Contemporary Erotica

Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing

Release Date: August 17 2014

Edition/Formats Available In: eBook & Print



Apolo Choice...self-made billionaire before the age of thirty. At a time when most men are still trying to figure out what direction to take their careers, Apolo Choice is enjoying luxuries they are still dreaming about. But behind every powerful man come secrets, and Apolo is no exception.

Confident, intimidating, arrogant and handsome, Apolo Choice is a man who gets whatever he wants. At least in the boardroom. Away from the power deals, he has a dark side. One he allows few to enter. Until he meets Caitlyn White.

Caitlyn and self-assured, she has quietly worked at Choice Enterprises for four years. Until one day her world is turned upside down by the man at the top. Taking her from the cubical to executive suite faster than you can blink an eye.

Together they become a power couple both in the boardroom and the bedroom.


Choice matters was a fast read.  It's a story of two people finding love, Apollo and Caitlyn.  There weren't many obstacles like most books.  It showed how even rich prominent men can enjoy some sexual enjoyment.  Apollo and Caitlyn know from the beginning what they both want and make it happen.  Everything just falls right into place for them from beginning to end.  It does contain some steamy sex scenes.  If you are looking for a good quick read this is the book.

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Author Information

Since Jamie Salisbury began publishing her Romance stories, she has seen her books soar to #1 on Amazon. Her novella Tudor Rubato was a finalist in the 2012 RONE (Reward of Novel Excellence) award, and the cover won for Best Contemporary Cover. Now in 2014, her novel Life and Lies was been nominated for a RONE in the Erotica category. She has expanded her audience to include several now published by Secret Cravings Publishing.

Her previous career in public relations in and around the entertainment field has afforded her with a treasure trove of endless story ideas.





Author Information


He maneuvered the Ferrari onto the main road leading back into the small town. He sat at the stop sign, foot slightly on the accelerator gunning the engine with care. I gazed over at him, curious about what was running through his mind.

"So, Apolo, you going to take me to this floating palace of yours or what?" I blurted out.

My hand flew up to my mouth. Not in horror of what I'd just said, but to stifle a giggle. I couldn't believe how brazen I had suddenly become.

He was eyeing me with interest.

"I mean, we both want to have sex…‘fuck’ as you put it. We can't go to my place—roommate. Your place is off limits—don't want your staff seeing me there just yet. So, we either pull over and do it in this cramped piece of fine machinery, go get a room at one of the nearby hotels, or we take this party to your houseboat. It's up to you. Balls in your court, so to speak." I chuckled once again at my attempt at humor.

Without uttering a single word, he bent over me and covered my mouth with his. Resisting never crossed my mind. I melted into him. I'd wanted him to kiss me all evening.

Apolo Choice did not disappoint. I was instantly caught up in the moment as I felt his tongue outlining my lips before the two met and played their courtship ritual. The white glow of headlights behind us brought it to a thundering halt. He righted himself and engaged the clutch.

"My houseboat it is," he growled, pressing his hand on my thigh, in between gear changes.

We continued traveling along the shadowy, two-lane road when suddenly he pulled the Ferrari over onto the side and stopped.

"What? What is it?" I asked, peering over at his handsome face, which had now turned dark and brooding. Even in the soft light of the car's interior, I could see his gray eyes were now intense.

"We can't do this, Caitlyn. Not tonight. Especially not at my houseboat."

"Why?" I was totally confused.

"Because if I take you there, I can guarantee my brother will have made some calls to have paparazzi staked out waiting on us.."

"Your own brother would do that to you?"

"Yes, of course, he would. It gets his name in the newspapers, along with his new restaurant. I don't want you to remember our first time like that."

Had to give the man credit for being a class act.

"Rain check?" His lips sealed over mine, and we kissed as though we were long lost lovers.

"But of course. Thank you, Apolo."

"I'll always look out for you, Caitlyn. I will not have you, or whatever may transpire between us, put out there. What happens between us is between us. No one else."

"Thank you."

He turned, put the sleek sports car in gear, and headed us in the opposite direction toward Atlanta.


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RBTL Presents Fire and Water by Andrew Grey Blog Tour

Title: Fire and Water

Author: Andrew Grey

Genre:  M/M Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Release Date: Dec 2014

Edition/Formats Available In: eBook & Print


Officer Red Markham knows about the ugly side of life after a car accident left him scarred and his parents dead. His job policing the streets of Carlisle, PA, only adds to the ugliness, and lately, drug overdoses have been on the rise. One afternoon, Red is dispatched to the local Y for a drowning accident involving a child. Arriving on site, he finds the boy rescued by lifeguard Terry Baumgartner. Of course, Red isn’t surprised when gorgeous Terry won’t give him and his ugly mug the time of day.
Overhearing one of the officer’s comment about him being shallow opens Terry’s eyes. Maybe he isn’t as kindhearted as he always thought. His friend Julie suggests he help those less fortunate by delivering food to the elderly. On his route he meets outspoken Margie, a woman who says what’s on her mind. Turns out, she’s Officer Red’s aunt.
Red and Terry’s world collide as Red tries to track the source of the drugs and protect Terry from an ex-boyfriend who won’t take no for an answer.  Together they might discover a chance for more than they expected—if they can see beyond what’s on the surface.


WOW!!  This is my first book of Andrew Grey’s but definitely not the last.  This is a m/m book a good m/m book at that.  I fell in love with Red hehe.  I think we all need a little Red in our lives.  Terry a swimmer/lifeguard is pretty much the damsel in distress as he stated in the book.  Red a cop really is the hero type that gets overlooked way too often by self rightous assholes.  I loved the acceptance that was shown towards Red through the station.  One of the biggest plus sides of this book is that both charecters had their own “faults”.  They weren’t portayed as both being “perfect.”  It seemed more realistic.   They were perfect for each other.  This book draws you in and doesn’t let you put it down.  Andrew Grey is now on my to read list.    I loved this book and found a new author.  

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A roar of laughter came up from the large table behind them, and Terry turned to see what was happening. It was just a bunch of guys. He recognized one of them as one of the paramedics from that afternoon. He watched them for a few minutes and then turned back to Julie.
“Hey, Red,” he heard one of the men call. For some reason Terry turned to see who it was and then quickly looked away. It was the huge police officer who’d been at the pool. Terry turned back to the bar.
“It’s that policeman from the pool,” Julie said from next to him. “The one with the scar.”
“Yeah, I saw him.” Terry took another gulp from his glass. He’d noticed the guy as soon as he’d entered the pool area. Who wouldn’t? The guy was huge. When Terry had first seen him, his mouth had begun to water. He was just his type: tall, broad, built, filling out that uniform in all the right places. A dreamboat… that is, until he’d gotten a look at the poor guy’s face. To say he was ugly wasn’t right either… more like unfortunate. As his dad had said as a joke once, “He had a face only a mother could love.”
“I wonder what happened to him,” Julie said and looked at Terry when he huffed a little. “He seemed like a good enough guy. That woman was all over you, but he listened and got down to the truth. There were no accusations, and he was nice enough, for a cop with a job to do.” Her eyes widened. “Something did happen to him. He wasn’t born with that scar, and maybe he was poor and didn’t have the money for braces and the things we did.”
Terry turned back around. “I guess so.” He swallowed really hard and continued watching the man, trying not to look like he was watching him. Once, when he looked up, Terry caught his gaze. He knew instantly that the man recognized him, and Terry turned back around.
“You guess so?” Julie said and then chuckled.
“I just agreed with you,” he told her, and their conversation stopped when the news came on one of the channels again, and Julie’s attention was diverted.
There were mirrors behind the bar, mostly ones advertising various kinds of beer. He could see the police officer in one of them. The guys he was with were loud, laughing a lot, and a few times Terry caught a glimpse of a smile from the officer. It made Terry want to smile too. He turned back around and scanned the room.

Author Information

Andrew grew up in western Michigan with a father who loved to tell stories and a mother who loved to read them. Since then he has lived throughout the country and traveled throughout the world. He has a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and works in information systems for a large corporation.

Andrew’s hobbies include collecting antiques, gardening, and leaving his dirty dishes anywhere but in the sink (particularly when writing)  He considers himself blessed with an accepting family, fantastic friends, and the world’s most supportive and loving partner. Andrew currently lives in beautiful, historic Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Author Links

Facebook Group All the Way with Andrew Grey